Central Segment

In 2004-2005, at Thermal Power Station-6, at the boiler units №3 and №1, the team of TPS-6 developed and successfully started up the system of emergency regulation of BKZ-320-140 PT boiler on the basis of multipurpose MFK controller of the Russian Group of TEKON Company with the use of software products of InSaT Company. The introduced system allowed to realize automated management by the equipment of the boiler unit with keeping of the set-up parameters; complex algorithms of control and management; provision of the operator with dataware; conducting of the archive and its key parameters viewing within the specified time interval; support of reports of information interchange with networks of top level; continuous diagnostics of the equipment and self-diagnostics.

Additional surfaces of heating were installed on these boiler units that allowed to increase efficiency factor approximately by 0.7 %.

In October 2005, 620 SVNL 33 G adjusting hydraulic hutch was mounted on the make-up pump of st. N 2 made by Foit-Turbo Company (Germany). Decrease in specific expenses by 0.8 kWh³ is expected.

On 5.11.2005 the system of the commercial account of electric power was introduced into pre-production operation of TPS-6. This system allows to calculate produced and consumed energy, and also to carry out information interchange between Thermal Power Station-6 and Irkutskenergo Information Department. That, in its turn, will allow to organize the centralized control over and management by the electric power generated by Thermal Power Station-6.

Segment of Thermal Sources and Thermal Network

On October 11, Aleksandr Vasilevich Bondarenko, Director of Bratsk Thermal Network branch, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk area, was awarded the title of "Honorary Powerman", at the meeting of directors of branches of JSC Irkutskenergo in the city of Irkutsk. This information was received from "Telesreda" newspaper. Since 1978, Aleksandr Bondarenko has been working for the enterprises of REA of Irkutskenergo. He started his career as a shift supervisor, was promoted to the post of Deputy Chief for the Construction of Ust-Ilimsk TPN (which was in the process of construction at that time). His profession led him to Bratsk in 1983, where he became Head of the boiler-and-turbine department of TPS-6. Four years later, he became Chief Engineer of Northern Thermal Network. Since April 1994, he has been occupying the position of Director of Thermal Power Station-7. Bratsk Thermal Network was formed on November 2, 1999 as a result of joining of two branches of JSС Irkutskenergo, which are Thermal Power Station-7 and Northern Thermal Network. Today Bratsk Thermal Network develops and transports thermal and electric energy to the population, industrial enterprises of Padunsky and Provoberezhny districts of Bratsk. The Government award was signed by Igor Yusufov, Minister of Power. General Director of JSC Irkutskenergo Vladimir Vasilevich Kolmogorov handed the awarder over to Mr. Bondarenko. Aleksndr Bondarenko, having worked more than 20 years in this field, became the third honored owner of this honorary degree at Bratsk Thermal Network Company.

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