Construction of the heating main no. 4 “RC "Sverdlovskaya" - the right bank”

In July 2006, JSC Irkutskenergo began construction of the heating main No.4 "RC "Sverdlovskaya" - the Right Bank" in Irkutsk, providing stretching of the centralized heat supply system in Sverdlovsky and Pravoberezhny districts from Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station. Construction of the main is a significant event for the city and is determined by the following:

-Growth of thermal loadings;

-Deficiency of thermal energy;

- Increase in the cost of the electric power influencing profitability of the electric heat supply;

- Depreciation and decrease in efficiency of municipal boiler-compartments.

Technical indicators of the main:

- Design thermal load is 770.2 Gcal/h;

- Thermal load on the hot water supply equals 122.53 Gcal/h;

- Design temperature chart is 170/70 С;

- System of heat supply is open;

- Lining of the heating system is underground and overground with cable transition through the Angara River;

- Length is 10,301 km;

- Investments equal RUR 1127.981 million;

- Period of construction: July 2006 - September 2008.

Mechanization of the coal storage of Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station

For the first time in the Eastern Siberia, the modern technology of load transferring and firm fuel storekeeping is realized in the coal storage of Novo-Irkutsk TPS. In June 2006, construction work on change of the scheme of mechanization of the coal storage of Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station started with the use of complex RPR (rotor picker racker) 1100/1100.

Advantages of RPR complex:

· Allows to carry out mixing of fuel in various and necessary proportions, according to conditions of operation;

· Provides an opportunity of separate storing of coal of different deposits;

· Transportation of fuel to the storage and from the storage can be carried out both manually and automatically;

· Use of RPR complex provides the certain ecological effect (decrease in the unorganized harmful emissions from the coal storage);

· System of mechanization with the use of RPR is much more effective regarding operational and repair expenses in comparison with the existing scheme.

Terms of construction: July 2006 - September 2008.

J.A. Matlashevsky, Chief of Industrial Engineering Department

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