Reconstruction of Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Station

For today, under the approved program of reconstruction, which is scheduled to be performed till 2010, the following work is executed:

- Replacement of stator winding on seven hydraulic generators; replacement work on last hydraulic generator №5 is planned for the fourth quarter of 2006;

- Replacement of electric machine feed systems by thyristor ones;

- Reconstruction of relay protection of all eight generators, with application of REG, REB and REL Swiss microprocessor complete sets of protection on transformers and ZAT assembly. Replacement of loading generating switches by electric gas ones of new generation was started;

- Stage-by-stage reconstruction of devices of secondary switching communication assemblies “two generators - the transformer” is held.

In 2002-2003 the main step-up three-phase autotransformers of the second and third generating assemblies were replaced by new AODCT - 138000/220/110 ones made by Elektrozavod Moscow Holding Company. Replacement of the transformer of 4Т assembly is planned for the 4 quarter of 2006; replacement of 1T block is scheduled for 2007.

According to the new project, 110 and 220kV low capacity electric gas switches made by Siemens are installed; they are explosive-and-fire safe, ecologically pure switches, which having improved characteristics. All oil switches are replaced at open distribution unit of 220kV; stage-by-stage replacement of switches by open distribution unit of 110kV was started

Work on modernization of the water-wheel equipment is held. All repairs of turbines are conducted with full disassembly, removal of driving wheels and their full modernization, including blades sealing. The turbine shaft, directing and basic bearings of turbines and generators are modernized, the design of rotors is strengthened and sealed, full-scale replacement of systems of drainage of liquid end of turbines is conducted.

Reconstruction of geodetic and piezometric network of earth dams and buildings is held; the monitoring system of dynamic stability of constructions is introduced. Reconstruction of the discharge channel (downstream apron) is held stage by stage.

The system of supervision is improved by automation of the measurement system of controllable parameters and diagnostics of constructions condition.

Research regime supervision over filtration, condition of the core, dynamic stability of dams and their bases is performed.

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