General Information

The first power unit of the station was started up in 1959. Since this moment, the industry, rural and municipal facilities of the city and area began to accept the growing stream of electric and thermal energy from Thermal Power Station-10. In April 1962, the station was transferred to the full design loading.

Today Thermal Power Station-10 continues to remain one of the largest power stations of Irkutskenergo. Thermal Power Station-10 produces thermal and electric energy for the industrial enterprises and the population of Angarsk.

The installed electric capacity of the station is 1110 MW, the installed thermal capacity equals 683 Gcal/h (including the 593 Gcal/h capacity of turbine units).

Experts of the station have a well thought-out plan of modernization of the capital equipment, so that the technical condition of Thermal Power Station-10 always meets modern power requirements. Regular diagnostics with replacement of the worn-out units is carried out with the purpose of maintenance of reliability of work of the power station capital equipment.

Information technologies are created and developed. The main objective of this direction is to supply heads, technical and operational personnel with the information elaborated to help organize work, to conduct technological process steadily and effectively.

Now the reconstruction of the power station is carried put for the purpose of many-time increase in the thermal capacity.

The staff of the station is 1196 people.

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