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Legendary Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station is the second one of the cascade of hydroelectric power stations on the Angara River, and the worldwide leader regarding the total amount of the electric power production from the beginning of start-up of the first unit.

The decision on construction of Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station was accepted in September 1954. In the autumn of the same year, the first workers and equipment arrived in Bratsk, and on December 21, 1954 preparatory work for erection of hydroelectric power station started. Construction of the facility was conducted by the specially created Nizhneangargesstroy management, which was later called Bratskgesstroy. In 1967 the State commission accepted Bratsk hydro-unit for constant operation. Already by 1970 the station had paid back expenses for construction, and by 1990 the invested capital had been recovered 6 times.

Now 18 units of 4.5 million watt capacity allow to produce annually up to 30 billion of watt-hours of the electric power. Bratsk powermen produced more than 800 billion of watts, which are used for manufacture of aluminum, cellulose, building materials, for industrial and household needs of the area and the country. And though more powerful hydroelectric power stations have been constructed, Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station still remains the worldwide leader with regard to the total amount of the electric power production from the beginning of start-up of the first unit. The share of its development in the Irkutsk power supply system equals more than 40 %, and in some years it amounted to 55 %.

Owing to the unique and stable water resources, Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station plays indispensible role in maintenance of steady and reliable functioning of the whole power service area of Siberia. It is difficult to imagine Siberia without Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station., Hundreds of Siberian industrial enterprises function now thanks to this station.

The installed capacity of Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station is 4500 MW (18 hydro-units, 250 MW each). Design annual development equals 22.6 billion kWh. For delivery of capacity and communication with power facilities, 5 transmission lines of 500 kV and 20 transmission lines of 220 kV branch out of the substation of the hydroelectric power station. 10 transformers of 220 kV, 300 MVA each; 12 single-phase transformers of 500 kV, 210 MVA each; 6 units of autotransformers of 220/500 kV, 267 MVA each, are in operation now.

The structure of Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station includes electrotechnical manufactory, engine department, shop of engineering automation equipment and measurements, hydraulic engineering shop, dispatching and technological management service, motor transportation service, and paramilitary security service.

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station staff is 721 people.

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