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Appraisal of the personnel means estimation of efficiency of employees' activity as a result of achievement of aims.

In 2005, regulations for the personnel appraisal were approved. They replaced the procedure of official evaluation of experts and Company's heads.

Purposes of appraisal:

· Reception of the objective information on qualitative structure of the Company's personnel;

· Compliance of employees with the Company's requirements;

· Identification of needs for the personnel training (development);

· Use of data of estimation at working out of the personnel motivation system;

· Informing of the personnel on their skills conformity with requirements of the Company.

After the estimation results are received,

· Recommendations are taken on promotion to a higher position or overclassifying according to the labour legislation of the Russian Federation;

· Recommendations are taken on increase in the salary within the limits of the class (grade);

· Personnel reserve of the Company is formed;

· Plans of training are composed (plans of the personnel development);

· An employee is provided with information on the degree of his/her conformity with the Company's requirements.

The strategy used in the enterprise standard consists of 360º- estimation method and MBO method (Management By Objectives). МВО allows to estimate an employee's performance of target figures; method of 360 is directed to estimation of personal qualities (corporate competence), and official duties necessary for qualitative performance.

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