Production Accounts

Capital Construction, Repair, and Reconstruction

The investment and innovative policy of the Company is directed to increase in efficiency of power manufacture, and creation of conditions for steady development.

Today the basic efforts of the Company are concentrated on the technical modernization and reconstruction of the operating generating capacities retired due to depreciation.

Realization of production potentialities of the Irkutsk power supply system is possible on condition of large-scale investments, program of cost reduction, further improvement of ecology and improvement of employees' professional skills.

Stable work of JSC Irkutskenergo is the result of performance of the whole complex of necessary repair and preventive measures. Reliability of operation of the complex equipment is supported by effective technical policy pursuing.

The research and engineering policy of JSC Irkutskenergo is directed to the constant increase in production efficiency, creation of conditions for steady development of the power supply system and maintenance of power, industrial, and ecological safety of the Irkutsk area.

Now the following works are performed:

· Analysis of operating experience of power stations and grids concerning reliability, profitability, and safety of power facilities;

· Control over assimilation of Е-820-type experimental industrial boiler unit of 820 t/hr steam capacity at Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station, and development of new technologies;

· Documentation elaborating on perfection of regulatory framework and information database of the Company.

Considering practical absence of power equipment updating, the great attention is given to the works connected with appropriate maintenance of operating power installations stock, prolongation of its operational resource, and perfection of technologies of power equipment preservation.

In 2001 JSC Irkutskenergo performed reconstruction of 94,5 km transmission air lines of 110, 220 kV voltage.

In 2001, works on development of Е-820-140 experimental furnace boiler of 820 t/hr steam capacity continued at Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station. The given boiler is developed according to the federal target program "Fuel and Energy" with the purpose of development of new decisions on creation of boilers of large power units for Kansko-Achinsk coal burning.

In connection with a special mode of thermal stations of JSC Irkutskenergo, in 2001, as well as in past years, Е-820 boiler operated during the winter heating season with the loadings of 750-800 t/hr. At that time, Azeisk coal was used for burning in the boiler, and there were no special problems connected with work of the boiler, except for resonant fluctuations of the air heater column.

During 1999-2001, the main finishing works on the boiler were basically connected with study of the reasons and check of various decisions on elimination of vibrations related to the tubular air heater. At the suggestion of various companies, the following indicators were checked:

· Strengthening of rigidity of tubular air heater covering;

· Installation of local loading elements;

· Installation of division plates inside the cubes of tubular air heater.

As a result, the most effective though rather labour-consuming decision turned out to be the installation of division plates in the middle of each cube. Now this action is executed in all cubes of all 4 steps of tubular air heaters.

The boiler was put into operation after reconstruction, and it was noted at once that vibration and noise considerably decreased. Vibration decreased from 83-102 to 72-82 dB (allowable value is 92 dB). Value of noise decreased from 94-99 to 81-88 dB (allowable value is 80 dB). It is planned to lower the noise level down to the allowable values due to lapping during the summer period of 2002.

Alongside with elimination of vibration of the tubular air heater in 2001, the station performed modernization of fan mill casing on this boiler according to the explosion-hazardous variant with liquidation of explosive valves. It allowed to raise reliability and safety of operation of the boiler. After elimination of vibration of the tubular air heater, Е-820 experimental furnace boiler can be put into permanent operation.

Works on creation and introduction of the process control system continued along with modernization of thermal power stations on the basis of modern microprocessor controllers.

By the present time, with application of modern steam turbocompressors, the following works were performed:

· Projects of the boiler units automated monitoring and control systems of station 8 and the fuel feeder of Thermal Power Station-9 are developed;

· Information subsystem at the boiler unit of station 5 of Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station was put into operation;

· Installation of water-conditioning process control system of Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station is conducted;

· Information subsystem monitoring of power facilities N 6 and 7 of Thermal Power Station-10 is put into operation.

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