Production Accounts


The company takes an active part in introduction of high technologies and advanced technical means to increase production efficiency of electric and thermal power.

JSC Irkutskenergo has developed and is realizing the following programs:

"Program of Technical Re-equipment and Reconstruction of Branches of JSC Irkutskenergo for 2003-2010";

"Program of Increase in Efficiency of the Industrial Block Business Processes for 2004-2006";

"Program of Cost Reduction for 2004";

- Work on effective fuel use has been organized.

The following Investment Projects are Included in JSC Irkutskenergo Business-Plan for 2004:

1. Construction of Novo-Ziminsk TPS-TPS 3 heating main.

For optimization of heat supply of Sayansk and Zima cities, as well as for rational use of capacity of Novo-Ziminsk TPS, in 2004 the detailed project of the heating main was developed, and construction of the heating main started between Novo-Ziminsk TPS and TPS 3 (diameter equals 500 mm, and length equals 14,5 km).

2. Construction of heating main No. 4 from Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station to the right bank. The heating main No. 4 is provided for maintenance of covering of possible gain of thermal loadings of Oktybrskyi, Kirovskyi and Kuibyshevsky districts of Irkutsk. Realization of this project consists of 2 stages in order to switch thermal loadings of consumers from Lisikha, Baikalskaya, and Releinaya electric boiler-houses to Novo-Irkutsk TPS:

I stage - the site of the heating main from Novo-Irkutsk TPS to Sverdlovskaya boiler-house (1200 mm diameter, 9,5 km length). The detailed project will be given out by JSC SibVNIIPIenergoprom in July 2004. Construction of the heating main starts in 2004.

II stage - the site of the heating main from Sverdlovskaya boiler-house to the right bank. II-stage construction investment substantiation is planned to be performed in 2004. Performance of substantiation of investments is caused by study of different variants of the heating main passing through the Angara River.

3. Construction of "Olkhonskie Vorota- Khunzhur" 35 kV OL (overhead line).

In 2004, designing and construction of 35 kV OL was started from 35/10 kV "Khunzhur" substation (SS) to Olkhon Island. This will allow to connect consumers of the island to the centralized electric power supply.

Realization of this project will allow to provide reliable electric power supply of the Olkhon island territory, to close diesel power stations, to reduce the cost of the electric power, to improve the environment condition, to create new working places owing to the gradual development of Olkhon infrastructure.

Basic Grid Development Projects:

1. "Introduction of the Automated Control System of the Equipment Condition” (ACSEC). Within the limits of the given project, the information on condition of all equipment in branches of JSC Irkutskenergo is consolidated in the electronic database. As a result of realization of the project, cost for maintenance and repair of the equipment is planned to be reduced, and the equipment damageability is supposed to be decreased.

2. "Program of Productivity Enhancement" (PPE). It is directed to economy of resources at manufacture of energy, and reception of the additional income. Within the limits of the given program, significant financial investments are made, which allow to realize actions of 5-year recoupment period.

3. "Total Manufacturing Optimization" (TMO) Project. Its realization started in 2003; this project has been applied to all branches of JSC Irkutskenergo. The purpose of TMO project is reduction in costs and increase in profit of the company. Employees of the Company take part in its realization irrespective of the position occupied in the Company. This contributes to formation of the culture directed to production efficiency increase in JSC Irkutskenergo.

4. "Heating Supply of the Right-Bank District of Bratsk due to Bratsk Gas-Condensate Field". The first stage of this project is planned to be finished at the end of 2007.

5. "South" and "North" projects are directed to increase in efficiency of heat supply of Irkutsk and complex development of the grid in the north of the Irkutsk area accordingly.

6. "Development and Introduction of the Monitoring Automated System of Technical and Economic Indicators" (MASTEI).

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