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One of the priorities of JSC Irkutskenergo is protection of the environment from negative impact of the energy sector enterprises.

The impact of energy facilities on the environment, including air, water, land, flora and fauna can be decreased by means of the following measures:

* - performance of technical nature-protection measures;

* - decrease of electric power consumption;

* - improvement of the fuel balance structure of the thermal-energy enterprises;

* - optimization of reservoir levels;

* - preservation of environmentally friendly load modes of power-generating facilities;

* - energy-efficient consumption;

* - development of nature-protection equipment of a new generation;

* - industrial waste utilization;

* - ecological monitoring;

* - increase in the level of preproject and project design;

* - development of nature-protection infrastructure.

The dynamic influence of the complex pool of organizational, technical, economic, ecological, legal, regulatory and other nature-protection measures allows our company to achieve step-by-step decreases in the amount of emissions, dumping and other factors, reaching the level established by the state ecological standards.

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