About our company

Our vision: Growing into a world-class company

The top management of Irkutskenergo is focused on further improvement of the production process and enhancement of its efficiency.

To achieve these goals, the Company has to build efficient cost-management system, secure acceptable profitability level, implement highly efficient business-planning scheme comprising the whole management hierarchy from the company’s head office to its branches and using up-to-date corporate information and management system.

To realize its enormous potential, our company has to enter the interregional market and actively operate on the federal market. Irkutskenergo is one of the few Russian power-supplying companies with an export potential.

Irkutskenergo cannot stand aside from the reforms taking place in the Russian power generation sector; instead, our company is actively engaged in these reforms.

A critical factor supporting the achievement of the Company’s objectives is the creation of an investor-friendly business environment. Our company seeks to develop open and transparent relations with its shareholders, investors, and creditors.

Irkutskenergo meets both Russian and international standards of shareholder and investor protection, financial transparency and information disclosure.

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