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Occupational Safety and Accident Prevention

Work on labour safety in JSC Irkutskenergo is carried out according to requirements of the federal law "On principles of labour safety in the Russian Federation" and is under the constant control of the power company.

RUR 73292 thousand were assigned for financing of actions on improvement of labour safety conditions in 2004. The sum of charges on giving out of individual protective equipment per one employee equaled RUR 1352.

The Collective Agreement of JSC Irkutskenergo for 2005 determined the sum of RUR 79459 thousand for the purpose of safety arrangements and precautions.

Now all branches are provided with modern training sets of "Irkut-tsentr" or "Irtut-electrik" types, so that each employee could train skills of first-aid treatment of accident victims; power grid companies have several sets of this type.

The power company has 14 testing grounds. Here the personnel uses working equipment for safe work training in conditions of manufacturing process at the equipment repairing. There are 34 safety prevention cabinets in the company. Experts for the labour safety instruct the personnel, teach safe work methods, demonstrate films, and analyse accidents reviews.

Since 2003, Irkutskenergo organized work on check of observance of safety prevention requirements by teams at their working places for increase in work effectiveness on traumatism prevention. Inspections of working places by heads of all levels take place along with obligatory analysis of all revealed infringements and punishment of the guilty. Each check of the workplace is registered by the report. It allows to control performance of this work by any category of the personnel participating in checks. The personnel of Sibirenergotekhnadzor territorial center is involved in the control over carrying out of checks of workplaces in branches. The results of checks are heard at weekly industrial selector meetings held by Chief Engineer of JSC Irkutskenergo.

Results of 2004 showed correctness of the chosen way (3.5 times decrease in the total number of traumatism, absence of traumatism with death outcome), as well as necessity of continuation of this work.

The powerful factor of decrease in the level of traumatism and accident risk, especially in conditions of JSC Irkutskenergo reforming, is preservation of succession in labour safety problems settlement, observance of labour safety management system in the structures created at reorganization, and also the qualified staff of the Services for the occupational safety and safety precautions (labour safety).

Workplaces review is held with the purpose of bringing working conditions at working places in accordance with requirements of applicable regulatory documents. The problem is that the majority of branches uses the equipment with great operation term, and manufactured under projects and norms mismatching modern requirements of noise, vibration and other parameters of harmful factors of working conditions. Actions on improvement of working conditions, in particular, light, noise, dust and other harmful factors are developed during review. If influence of harmful factors cannot be lowered up to the standard, application of protective means is recommended: antinoise headphones and earplugs for protection of ears, vibroprotective gloves and footwear.

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