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Labor and Remuneration Organization

The Company uses the uniform procedure of remuneration on the basis of application of the Unified Wage Rate Scale with the purpose of realization of the coordinated policy in the field of labor remuneration, adjustment of proportion in the salary levels depending on work complexity and employees’ qualification, as well as creation of the mechanism of these proportions maintenance.

The basis for the uniform remuneration system is a Unified Wage Rate Scale. In conformity with it, labor remuneration is defined according to works rats and qualification of employees, specialists, and workers according to the applicable Uniform Wage - Rates and Skills Handbook of Works and Professions of Workers, and according to “Qualification Handbook of Positions of Heads, Specialists, and Other Employees" in the line with All-Russian Occupational Classification of Professions of Workers, Posts of Officials and Tariff Categories" (ARC 016-94)

The Company applies 21-category Unified Labor Remuneration System of workers of industrial production personnel and 18-category Unified System of Labor Remuneration of non-industrial personnel.

In order to maintain the reached level of employees' salary, the growth of the general level of prices for the goods and services is compensated by increase in the minimum monthly tariff rate by the size of actual growth of a consumer price index in the Russian Federation.

With a view to increase material interest in results of work of the Company, employees receive long service awards and year-end bonuses.

The Company uses the project "Total optimization of production process" directed to increase in efficiency during the production process, transfer and distribution of electric and thermal energy. The standard "On financial stimulation of participants of the Process Total Optimization" was developed and is successfully applied. It represents the system of financial stimulation of performance in various stages of this program.

The system of financial stimulation of performance of "costs management program” is introduced with a view to stimulate performance of the program for management of costs and to achieve economic benefit of its realization.

Employees of branches of power grid and Energosbyt Company are awarded for revelation of electric energy thefts committed by household users.

The company continues performance of the "Program for optimization of the personnel number". Within the limits of this program, Irkutskenergo transfers non-profile kinds of activity out of its business and reduces the personnel number. The salary fund of the released personnel remains in the branches; this offers the possibility of additional increase in wages.

JSC Irkutskenergo preserved guarantees for the persons living in the regions of the Far North and similar areas in spite of the fact that the employer liberated itself from the obligations concerning these areas by Law 122-FZ:

- Compensation of the costs of travelling to the place of holiday within the territory of the Russian Federation and the return trip by any kind of transport is made for employees of the Company, as well as for their non-worker family members (a husband, wife, minor children) every two years, and baggage transportation payment (under 30 kg) for every member irrespective of time of holiday, etc.

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