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History Museum of JSC Irkutskenergo

"... Museums should be a peculiar kind of "blacksmith shop", where the culture is created.

                                                             In other words, they should become the places, where the cultures of the past appear from the shadows, lighten the present, and direct their light to the future".

Federiko Moyor, General Director of UNESCO


The History Museum of JSC Irkutskenergo was created under the decision of the Management Board of Irkutskenergo Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification on July 31, 1998 on the proposal of Viktor Mitrofanovich Borovskoi, Chairman of the Management Board, General Director of Irkutskenergo Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification, and Olga Nikolaevna Oreshkina, Deputy General Director for the Staff and Social Matters. This decision also stipulated gathering of materials for the museum by heads of Irkutskenergo branches.

Formation of the museum was assigned to Mayakova Galina Grigorievna, Leading Engineer of Electric Calculations Sector of Central Dispatching Service of Irkutskenergo Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification, veteran of the Irkutsk power supply system having 28-year experience of work. She became its first director.

The first exhibits appeared in the created museum in 1998 after the letter circulated in the branches of the power supply system containing the request for all powermen to present historical materials and displays for the future museum which, under the decision of the Management Board, was supposed to be opened in honor of the 45 anniversary of the power supply system.

The first exhibition – “Stages of development of the Irkutsk power supply system”- was opened on Powerman's Day in 1998.

Public assets of the museum were created by Order No. 36 as of 27/4/1999. A.I. Evseev was elected as Chairman; at that time he occupied the post of First Assistant to General Director of Irkutskenergo Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification; G.I. Prokofiev, Chief of the Technical Department, was appointed Deputy Chairman; S.S. Nepomnyashchih, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, E.E. Stratievskyi, Adviser, G.G. Mayakova, Director of the museum, were appointed members of the museum assets.

In conformity with Order No. 95 as of 12/9/2001, in connection with personnel changes in the Company, E.E. Stratievskyi left the public assets of the museum. M.N. Samuseva, Engineer of Operations/Process Service, L.V. Surova, Engineer of the Central Dispatching Service, N.F. Konoplina, Engineer, became members of the assets.

On the occasion of the 45-year anniversary of JSC Irkutskenergo in 1999, the constant exposition of the museum located in the building of the Executive Management (3 Sukhe-Batora Street) was opened in the premise having the area of 45 sq. m. It described the power facilities, which existed before the appearance of the power supply system, about its first steps, technical achievements, about the days of producing one and two trillion watt-hours of the electric power, about labour and sports successes, about people who devoted their lives to the Siberian power industry. In 2000, on the occasion of the 80 anniversary of plan of the Russian State Electrification Committee, the museum issued the booklet Irkutskenergo and Power Industry of the Angarsk Territory by Y.I. Lukyanov. This book is a unique vision of JSC Irkutskenergo and its contribution to development of the area through witnesses of the history, which are badges, lapel buttons, and service medals.

In 2003, in connection with scheduled moving of the museum to a new premise of the area of 120 sq. m., located in the building of the Nonproduction center of JSC Irkutskenergo (22 Rabochaya Street), an absolutely new project of design of three dimensional composition of the History Museum JSC Irkutskenergo was developed and put into life. In 2003, on Powerman’s Day, presentation of newly created composition of the museum took place; it passed to a new stage of development. The museum was inaugurated by V.V. Kolmogorov, General Director of JSC Irkutskenergo, and G.I. Prokofiev, veteran of the Irkutsk power supply system.

Today's corporate museum of JSC Irkutskenergo includes the expositions telling about hydraulic and thermal power stations, about organization and development of the enterprises of electric and thermal networks, about creation of the repair and building organizations, about power sale, about development of computer facilities in the power supply system, about rationalization and inventive activity, about veterans, today's affairs, and achievements of the Company. Sections of the exposition are composed of photos and documents; they contain a lot of three-dimensional material: measuring devices, computer facilities, mock-ups, badges, booklets, etc.

The museum regularly organizers exhibitions dedicated to memorable days of Russia, anniversaries of power supply system and its branches, historical exhibitions. Documents systematized on the stands of exhibitions are of interest not only for a new generation, but for the participants of events. Funds of the museum are constantly supplied. Today they make more than three thousand units of storage. The illustrated card file of displays of funds of the museum was created. The huge contribution to formation of funds was made by Evseev A.I., Jakovuk V.A., Tupitsina S.L., Nekryachenko V.F., Raevskaya (Zaiko) D.F., Nepomnyashchih S.S. and many others. Irkutsk and Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Stations, Northern Power Grid, Western Power Grid, Central Power Grid, Angarsk Thermal Network, Irkutsk Thermal Network, TPS-1, TPS -6, thermal power station-9, TPS -10, TPS -11, TPS -12 also influenced the development of the museum. Frequent visitors of the museum are participants of meetings, seminars, conferences held by JSC Irkutskenergo. They are veterans, schoolboys, students of various high schools of the city. Veterans of the Irkutsk power supply system visit the museum with their great-grandchildren; they share memories about work, and tell about their life.

Activity of the History Museum of JSC Irkutskenergo is directed to acquisition, preservation and use of materials on organization and activity of JSC Irkutskenergo having a historical value, on education of the young generation coming to JSC Irkutskenergo to work, on carrying out of image actions, promotes establishment and expansion of relations with state departmental and other museums of the city and area.

"What is the History Museum of JSC Irkutskenergo?"

I think that it is a "temple", i.e. the place of perpetuating the memories of outstanding powermen, the place where there is a worship of relics of the past - evidence of historical development of engineering reflecting human creativity, ability of the person to create new forms; it is a "forum", i.e. a place where there is a process of joint education of patriotism, feelings of pride for the profession, for the rank of a powerman, feelings of participation in the big business, feelings of commonness in the light of modern problems, education of the youth in the spirit of respect for achievements of predecessors, their labour deeds; it is a "school", i.e. a place of transfer of knowledge, information from the museum to visitors, a place influencing and promoting its further development.

Eventually, it is simply a place where we are told what we were like in the past, and what we did, what happens to us now, and, maybe, try to see, what new ways are possible, ways of historical continuity.

Our corporate museum, rich in experience of the last years, has confidently entered into XXI century. New searches and discoveries are to come; it is impossible to realize the potential of the museum in constantly varying world.


History Museum of JSC Irkutskenergo

Evseev Anatoliy Ivanovich

E-mail: Evseev@irkutskenergo.ru 

Phone number: (3952) 792-106

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