Irkutskenergo Personnel Reserve Forming and Training

Every permanent member of the company staff under 35 years old, having not less than one year work experience in the Company, can become a candidate for inclusion in the personnel reserve.

Preparation of the personnel reserve is conducted under the individual plans of work including:

· Preparation for the post according to the Rules of work with the personnel in the organizations of electric power industry of the Russian Federation approved by Decree 49 of the Ministry of Fuel and Power of the Russian Federation of 19/02/2000;

· Improvement of professional skills and training in leading institutes of professional development;

· Experience exchange and training at the Russian and foreign enterprises;

· Trainings and corporate seminars.

Experts of personnel & branches training and development group are involved for these purposes, in particular, psychologists and personnel divisions.

Training work contributes to formation of managerial abilities

Now we hold the following trainings:



-Development of managerial abilities

-Personal growth

We will hold the following trainings in the future

(At present we develop the programs for introduction in the 1st half year):

-Management of personal career (motivation)

-Time -management

Launched Programs

Programs Under Development

Complex of actions held within the limits of the Assessment and Development Center

Distance Learning System with the use of "reservist's library", which will include the literature on various topics:

· Regulatory legal literature

· Professional and highly specialized literature

· Business economics of fuel and energy complex

· Finances and credit

· Book keeping and audit

· Budgeting

· Management, including strategic and financial management

· Personnel management

· Psychology of business and interpersonal communication

Uniform electronic database on the reserve of Irkutskenergo


Anzhela Semenova

Phone number: 7(3952) 790-181

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