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Department for the Work with the Personnel

Personnel policy is aimed at preservation of and increase in the human capital assets, which is one of the basic competitive advantages in modern business and a condition for increase in the cost of the Company.

Social protection, support in improvement of professional skills and professional growth contribute to full realization of abilities of people and forms necessary conditions for the most effective use of our employees' potential.

We select the best specialists for work for our company and form motivation for achievement of our purposes.

Introduction of the project "Personnel Assessment" contributes to increase in objectivity at estimating the degree of contribution to achievement of the Company's results.

In order to cultivate and educate its own leaders, the Company enables high potential employees to get new skills and experience, to take up the greater responsibility, and to feel one's contribution to the Company's business and to move ahead to the Personnel reserve.


You can find more detailed information on the personnel questions on our site:


· Personnel Management;

· Personnel Training and Development;

· Work and Salary Organization;

· Social Development.

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