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Registrar Company

Until November 2001, the register of shareholders of Irkutskenergo was kept by Irkutsk Stock Agency, a limited liability company based in Irkutsk. By resolution of the Board of Directors of Irkutskenergo, as from November 2001, the company's register has been kept by Registrar Company PANORAMA, a joint stock company renamed Registrar "R.O.S.T." in March 2002.

Details the Registrar:

Date of registration

Registered on 22 November 1993 by the Moscow Registration Chamber under the name CJSC Panorama


No. 10-000-1-00254 dated 03 December 2002, for unlimited term. Issued by the Federal Commission on Securities Market of the Russian Federation

Authorized capital

2 675 800 roubles, divided into 26758 common shares with nominal value of 100 roubles each

General director

Oleg M. Zhiznenko

Office location

Stromynka str. 18/13, Moscow

Mailing address

Stromynka str. 18, P.O. Box 9, 107996 Moscow


(095) 771-73-32


(095) 771-73-34

Number of branches


Number of served issuers

1906, of them 449 have over 500 personal accounts

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