Official date of creation of Energosbyt is November 15, 1954. It was founded soon after creation in the Irkutsk area of the state power supply system of Irkutskenergo. At that time the enterprise was called "Enterprise for Selling of Energy and Control over its Use” ("Energosbyt"). The Angarsk branch of Energosbyt was simultaneously created. Later, in the period of construction of new cities, industrial giants of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, wood, paper, timber processing industry, petrochemical, coal industry, electrification of railway transport, all-round electrification of agricultural areas and introduction of electric power heating, the Company grew and developed as follows:

Creation of branches:

In 1964 - Cheremkhovo branch;

In 1965 - Bratsk branch:

In 1979 - Tulun branch;

In 1984 - Zima branch, which later moved to Sayansk and gets a new name of Sayansk branch;

In 1994 - Ust-Ilimsk and Irkutsk branches. The latter one in 2003 was reorganized in Irkutsk and East branches.

In 2003 - Usolsk branch

The enterprise changed its name several times depending on the assigned tasks. In 1980 the company was called "Energonadzor" Enterprise of the State Power Supervision and Selling of Energy Production Association of Irkutskenergo. The enterprise combined functions of the state power supervision till 1998, even after transformation into a joint-stock company in 1992.

In 1996 the enterprise was called "Energonadzor" company of Irkutskenergo Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification. In 1998, after formation of Irkutskenergonadzor Territorial Administration, the company got the today's name "Energosbyt" company of Irkutskenergo Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification.

From 2000 to the present "Energosbyt" is a branch of Irkutsk Joint-Stock Company of Power of Electrification (JSC Irkutskenergo). It includes 9 branches and 15 industrial sites; the amount of employees is 726 people.

In 2004, together with the Irkutsk power supply system, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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