September 7, 2007

Irkutsk Power Sales Company will accept responsibilities of Energosbyt

Irkutsk Power Sales Company Ltd. in the near future will accept all marketing responsibilities of Energosbyt of JSC Irkutskenergo. This information is provided by the press-service of the company. According to the official company's information, this will become the following step in reforming of the Irkutsk power branch. Thus, activity of Irkutsk Power Sales Company will be completely controlled by JSC Irkutskenergo.

Now Energosbyt services 347 thousand of household users and more than 11 thousand legal persons. The total amount of supply of thermal and electric energy for 2006 equaled 24.5 million Gcal and 43.9 billion kWh that in money terms equals RUR 14.3 billion. The company's personnel amounts to 727 people. The structure of the company includes 9 branches located on the territory of the Irkutsk area.

Let us remind that the reform of electric power industry held in Russia, provides division of the branch into competitive kinds of activity (manufacture of the electric power, sales activity) and single kinds of activity (transport of energy through electric networks, dispatching management). In the majority of the Russian regions this division has already been carried out, therefore, new independent power companies were created on the basis of the separate kinds of activity. JSC "Irkutskenergo", being a system forming branch of the Irkutsk area, took neutral position in matters and terms of reforming, studying and making use of experience and mistakes of the companies, which were already restructured. Therefore, JSC Irkutsk Grid Company, which obtained functions of transportation of electric energy through networks and dispatching management, was created at the end of the obligatory period established by the Government of Russia for the next reforming stage (in 2006). According to the information received in the power company, the last year showed high controllability of the given processes, preservation and strengthening of reliability of the power supply system as a whole. Creation of Irkutsk Power Sales Company Ltd. - a 100% affiliated company - on May 10, 2007 became the following stage of reforming. JSC Irkutskenergo plans to delegate all sales functions to Irkutsk Power Sales Company Ltd in the near future.

Source: Teleinform IRA

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