1974. Preparatory works on the basic facilities of the industrial site were carried out. The basic work was headed by Bratskgesstroy Company. Ditches were made; piles were driven for the foundation of the main building and auxiliary constructions of the thermal power station; bases for placement of the arriving equipment are erected. In December, Vostokenergomontazh Trust began construction and installation works on the process equipment, pipelines, metallic structures, and precast concrete of the main building.

1976. The first lots of metallic structures were brought to the loading platform from Romania. They were intended for installation of the framework of the main building. In March, the station being in process of construction was transferred to Irkutskenergo Regional Power Administration.

1977. In November, on the top-most mark of the power station, S. Kochin's brigade mounted four cyclones of dust and coal bed. This event is considered to be the beginning of installation of equipment at UITPS.

1978. June 16. Installation of the first steam turbine of 60 megawatt capacity. In November the main building of the thermal power station was accepted for operation; launching actions on start-up of the first boiler and turbine began. On November 28 the first power unit was engaged in industrial loading. On December 26, the certificate on commissioning of the first turbine and two boilers of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station was signed by the State Commission.

1979. In September the second turbine and the third boiler unit were tested and put into service. 215 assemblers and welders were involved in their installation.

1980. Boiler unit (st. N 4) was put into operation. In September the certificate of acceptance for operation of the turbine unit (st. N 4) was signed by the State Inspection Committee. Boiler unit (st. N4) was put in operation. Area maintenance building was put into service in December.

1981. Boiler unit No. 5 was introduced.

1983. The certificate of commissioning of boiler unit 6 was signed by the State Inspection Committee.

1984. The chimney of 250 meters in height was accepted for operation.

1989. Boiler unit (st. 7) was put into operation.

1990. 110 kV indoor switchgear was accepted for operation. 175 MW capacity turbine unit (st.6) was put into operation.

1993. Tower-cooler (st. 3) and the 2nd section of the ash-dump were accepted for operation; fishing industry.

1999. The structure of UITPS included left-bank thermal network - area of thermal network, which were spun off after reorganization of the Northern Thermal Network.

2004. Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station started industrial burning of coal of Zheronsky deposit. Reconstruction of power boiler units was initiated for burning of a new kind of fuel.

2005. JSC Irkutskenergo leased utility systems of Ust-Ilimsk city. UITPS received thermal network, network of water supply, and water drain.

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