On May 23, 1960, geodesists made breakdown and fastening of axes of the main building. The construction of facilities began since that moment.

September, 1962. Platform for the equipment was constructed and frame crane was mounted on the railway access roads N4 and N5 (ways to boiler and turbine compartments). Water conditioning storage tanks and decarbonized water storage tanks were installed in the water conditioning compartment. The following works were made within the next year: acid and filter storage tanks were installed; 3 storage tanks for hot water of 300m3 capacity each were installed started. Assemblage of fuel feeder conveyors started; installation of the travelling crane of boiler compartment was started; Bratsk site of "Vostokenergomontazh" Еrust began assembling boiler N1; scraper loading hoists of the closed warehouse of fuel; installation of the travelling crane of еру turbine department started; installation of turbine generator unit N1 APR-6-1 was initiated.

On August 30, 1964б the State Commission after several tests accepted boiler N2 and turbine generator unit N1 for operation, and the first stage of construction of 2 boilers and a turbine init generator was approved on September 22.

October 10, 1964 is a birthday of the station; on this day the station was put into operation and supplied the first heat to the city and industrial enterprises.

Simultaneously with the start-up of the first turn of thermal power station-16, designing of the second starting complex in the composition of boiler N3 and turbine generator unit N2 was arranged, which was accepted for operation on December 30, 1966 after complex testing by the State Commission.

Since January 1, 1965 and till January 1, 1972 (time of transfer of the regional substation to the ownership of Bratsk Electric Network) management of thermal power station was engaged not only in construction of the thermal power station, but also in the further construction of the regional substation. The total electric capacity equaled 18000 kW; steam capacity amounted to 225 t/h as of January 1, 1967.

Ash removal problem had not been settled yet. In August of 1967 Korshunovstroy started reconstruction of temporary ash sump under the project of Promenergoproekt. Return filters were built, the ash sump capacity amounted to 40 thou. m3.

On January 23, 1968 the ash sump was put in operation. Motorway to Sukhoi Log was constructed For removal of ash by motor transport, from October 15 to December 24, 1968.

Thermal loadings grew, thus, expansion of the station became necessary. 1974 is the year of the expansion beginning.

On December 27, 1975, boiler unit N4 was accepted for operation by the State Commission. On December 27, 1976 boiler unit N5 was adopted.

In the first stage of construction, in connection with the fact that thermal power station was one of divisions of mining-and-processing integrated work, buildings of repair and serving were not stipulated. After expansion of 1974-1976 these questions were settled. Mechanical workshops, household buildings (male and female shower rooms, dining room for 52 places), acetylene and oxygen distribution stations, reinforced concrete warehouse, protection fence of the territory of thermal power station by the premise of the internal security checkpoint were constructed.

Expansion of water conditioning, material warehouse, garage open storage house of fuel (its capacity is increased up to 50 thousand tons) were built. Replacement of 300-cube accumulation tanks for two ones, 1000 m3 each. Full use of their volume is provided.

The scheme of ash removal was reconstructed, pumping of ash pulp from ash sump by dredge ship ZRS-G and two dredging pump stations with pumps of 10-GRt2 was applied. The service building was reconstructed. The new equipment of communication of the thermal power station and high-quality communication on the regional substation was installed. Greater works on improvement of the territory of Thermal Power Station-16 (concrete entrances, roads and platforms) were held.

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