Construction of Cheremkhovo Electric Power Station started in 1930.

On July 28, 1932, turbine-generator set of 2500 kW was put into operation. January 1933. Turbine-generator set of 3000 kW was put in service; the boiler compartment consisted of three boilers producing 12 tons of steam an hour each. In 1939 boiler No. 4 (30 tons of steam an hour) was put in commission. In 1941 turbine-generator set No. 3 of 3000 kW was put into operation. In January 1942, the installed capacity of electric power stations equaled 9000 kW.

During the Second World War, the electric station worked in heavy conditions of electric and thermal loads. In 1944 the team of Cheremkhovo Central Power Station during 5 months was awarded Red Challenge Banner of the State Committee of Defense as a winner in the All-Union Socialist Competition. In 1944 power train No. 10 of 5000 kW was put in operation. In 1948 power train No. 27 of 3000 kW was switched in use, and capacity of the central power station grew up to 17000 kW.

May 1951. Power train of 5000 kW was put into operation. Along with assemblage of power trains, reconstruction of the central power station was held. In July 1952, turbine-generator set No. 4 of 5000 kW and boiler units No. 5 and 6 were put in service, each producing 30 tons of steam an hour. In May 1955, turbine-generator set No. 5 kW and boilers No. 7 and 8 were put in operation, producing 30 tons of steam an hour each. The installed capacity equaled 24000 kW, and together with power trains, the capacity amounted to 37000 kW.

July 1956. The Central Power Station was included in the system of Irkutskenergo; power trains were dismantled, intensity in the power supply of the Cheremkhovo area was liquidated, and there was a problem in provision of the city with heat. On July 1, 1963, the station was transferred to the ownership of Irkutskenergo Regional Production Division and was called Irkutsk Thermal Power Station-12.

In 1968 three boiler units and three turbine-generator sets were amortized, and the installed capacity equaled 150 tons of steam an hour, and the electric capacity amounted to 5700 kW. In 1969 construction of the main building of II stage for placement of boilers of st. 9 and 10 was performed.

In 1976 boiler unit No. 9 was put into operation.

In 1977 boiler unit No. 10 was put into operation.

In 1985 boiler unit No. 11 was put into operation.

In 1995 turbine-generator set PR-6 of st. No.1, having capacity of 6 MW, was put into operation.

In 1997 the in-built electric boiler compartment consisting of 4 boilers of 6 kW capacity each was put into service.

On November 20, 1992 Head of Administration of the Kirovsky district of Irkutsk registered the Chapter of Irkutsk Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification (JSCEE “Irkutskenergo") under number 493. The Charter was approved by Director of Irkutsk Territorial Agency for the State Property Management V.G. Dvornichenko.

Since November 14, 1992 Irkutsk Thermal Power Station-12 has been a branch of JSC Irkutskenergo.

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