The design and construction assignment of this power station was approved by Decree of the Government in March 1954, for meeting the growing needs of the quickly developing industry of Irkutsk-Cheremkhovo zone.

Designing was entrusted to Leningrad Branch of Teploenergo-proekt Institute.

The project provided:

· Installation of large (for its time) power blocks, which should be mastered for the first time by the domestic industry;

· Full autonomy of power units;

· Wide application of precast concrete with large-block assemblage of building and mounting constructions;

· High level of automation of production processes;

· Great degree of reliability;

· Extremely tight schedule of construction.

The construction of the power station began in 1956, and the first power unit was started up on September 19, 1959.

Since this moment, the industry, rural, and municipal facilities of the city and area began to accept the growing stream of electric and thermal energy from Thermal Power Station-10. In February 1962, the last power unit - the eight one, was started up, and two months later, in April, the station was transferred to the full design loading.

Today Thermal Power Station-10 continues to remain one of the largest power stations of Irkutskenergo.

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