The first bulldozers and power shovels arrived at the construction site of the future station in the summer of 1972. The Management of Ziminsky Chemical Plant under construction gave out drawing designs of the first heat station to the general contractor.

In 1973, TPS top priority engineering design was executed (it was designed for 240 mW) in the structure of three boilers: BKZ-420-140-6 and three PT-80/100-130/13 turbo-generators. The designer is Kiev branch of All-Union Scientific, Research and Design Institute-Energoprom. The designed capacity of the whole station equals 650 mW.

In 1978, the hot water supply collector of the thermal power station was put in operation. Water was supplied to Sayansk from this facility. In 1980, BKZ-420 - the first power boiler of the thermal power station - was tested in the manufacturing process. In 1981, the second boiler unit was put into serve.

In 1982, the second turbine unit of 80 mW capacity was started. The third boiler unit was commissioned in 1983.

In 1985, Novoziminskaya Thermal Power Station was included in the structure of Irkutsk power supply system.

In 1990, BKZ-420-140-7 - the fourth boiler unit of the second turn of TPS - was started. In 1997, the electroboiler-house of 120 MW capacity was put into operation (12 electric boilers).

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