Date: 7.06.2002

The Personnel Training Center started its activity in April of this year on the basis of the thermal power station. Owing to activity of this educational institution, employees of the thermal power station and all other powermen of Ust-Ilimsk and Bratsk can raise their educational level in the field of computer technologies, and many other subjects.

The center was created at the initiative of Yury Sukhikh, Director of the thermal power station. In his opinion, nowadays it is necessary to raise a skill level of employees. That is why the idea of this center creation attracted everybody’s attention. Educational classes will take place in the building of kindergarten N 41. After repairs, kindergarten premises became comfortable class-rooms. The best computer hardware was bought. For today, 38 employees of the thermal power station and Ust-Ilimsk acquired computer skills. The following group of "pupils" will come from Bratsk.

The educational center also holds training of resuscitators. The Company's management of the thermal power station is sure that each brigade and shift should have a person capable to render the first medical aid to a victim. The first group of "doctors" consisting of men and women already passed training. The next courses will be held in July. Engineers of electric boilers will also raise their professional level in the educational center. Earlier, the thermal power station had to send its employees to take training in Irkutsk. This required considerable expenses. With opening of the center, this problem disappeared.

"Lesokhimik Ust-Ilima" newspaper

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