An upgraded hydroelectric unit is put into operation at the Ust-Ilimskaya HPP

The third upgraded hydroelectric unit with a new rotor wheel has been put into operation at the Ust-Ilimskaya HPP as part of the comprehensive New Energy program aimed at upgrading EuroSibEnergo's hydroelectric power plants.

Its commissioning will help improve the performance of the HPP as electricity generation will increase, while the volume of water passing through the turbine will remain unchanged. Installation of the rotor wheel took two months. The new equipment at the HPP has performed well in test mode; all design parameters have been confirmed.

The New Energy comprehensive HPP upgrade program of EuroSibEnergo involves large-scale overhauls and replacement of main equipment at the Company's three largest HPPs in Siberia: the Krasnoyarskaya, Bratskaya and Ust-Ilimskaya HPPs. This will include upgrades of hydroelectric units and replacement of rotor wheels, transformers and outdoor switchgears at the HPPs.

Implementation of the first stage of the New Energy program will enable EuroSibEnergo's HPPs in Siberia (the Krasnoyarskaya, Bratskaya and Ust-Ilimskaya HPPs) to increase environmentally friendly electricity generation by 1.5 TWh per year by 2018, while water consumption will remain unchanged. This will enable partial replacement of coal-fired generation with hydropower, saving up to 800,000 tons of coal per year and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants by 2 mln tons per year, which will have a positive impact on the environment in various regions of Siberia. The Company is considering extensive upgrades at the Irkutskaya HPP involving an increase in its installed capacity in the future.

In the course of HPP upgrades, EuroSibEnergo uses primarily domestically produced equipment.

About the Ust-Ilimskaya HPP

The Ust-Ilimskaya HPP on the Angara River is the fourth largest hydroelectric power plant in Russia (with a capacity of 3,840 MW). At present, 16 hydroelectric units are in operation at the Ust-Ilimskaya HPP.


About the Company:


JSC EuroSibEnergo ( is Russia’s largest private power company and one of the country's leaders in green power generation. EuroSibEnergo operates power plants with a total installed capacity of 19.6 GW, including major HPPs forming part of the Angara-Yenisei HPP Cascade (the Krasnoyarskaya, Bratskaya, Ust-Ilimskaya and Irkutskaya HPPs) with a total capacity exceeding 15 GW. EuroSibEnergo accounts for about 8% of Russia's electricity production. The Company forms part of En+ Group, a leading Russia-based industrial group.


In December 2015, EuroSibEnergo put into operation the Abakanskaya solar power plant, which is one of Siberia's largest power plants. 

June 26, 2017
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