The Ust-Kut – Kirensk 110 kV double-circuit overhead power transmission line is put into operation on March 21

On March 21, the Ust-Kut – Kirensk 110 kV double-circuit overhead power transmission line was put into operation after an overhaul. The overhaul was carried out on the basis of OJSC Irkutsk Electronetwork Company's investment program in accordance with the plans and programs to develop the electricity grids of the Irkutsk Region and the integrated energy system of Russia. The project was implemented by Northern Electricity Grids, a branch of OJSC Irkutsk Electronetwork Company. The Ust-Kut – Kirensk 110 kV transmission line was built in 1985; it had a single-circuit design and was supported by wooden pylons. To maintain the power transmission line in a working condition, the grid company had to regularly replace the pylons due to their dilapidated condition. The duration of scheduled power outage alone sometimes reached as many as 15 days per year. The overhaul of the Ust-Kut – Kirensk 110 kV power transmission line started in 2006. All design firms and contractors involved in the construction are registered in the region. The project involved an overhaul of a 225-kilometer-long line. Along the power transmission line, 642 metal pylons were installed on reinforced concrete foundations. Two unique crossings were made over large water bodies: the Lena River (945 meters) and the Kirenga River (1,280 meters). The estimated project cost exceeds RUB 1.4 bln. The overhaul was financed using OJSC IENC's own funds and the funds included in the electricity transmission tariff.

Boris Karataev, CEO of OJSC Irkutsk Electronetwork Company: "The availability of a double-circuit power transmission line supported by metal pylons will help to reduce the number of accidents, increase the reliability and quality of power supply in the Kirensky District and meet the growing demand for electricity supply."


Press service of OJSC Irkutsk Electronetwork Company

March 21, 2017
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