The Abakanskaya solar power plant produces 3.5 GWh of electricity

Since its launch in late December 2015, the Abakanskaya solar power plant operated by EuroSibEnergo has produced 3.5 GWh of electricity.

In fact, the power plant, which is a participant of the wholesale market of electricity and capacity, has provided clean energy for an entire district of Abakan in the daytime. To produce the same amount of energy at a coal-fired power plant, it would be necessary to burn over fifteen hundred tons of coal.

Installed capacity of the Abakanskaya solar power plant totals 5.2 MW, while its annual electricity output amounts to 6.5 GWh. The power plant is equipped with over 20,000 solar modules, and its area totals 18 ha. The solar power plant is operated by five employees: a chief engineer and four operators on duty.

During pilot operation, the Abakanskaya solar power plant achieved all design targets and performed efficiently in winter, spring and summer. The only problem that the company has encountered in the course of operation is hoar frost, which forms on photovoltaic cells on foggy, frosty days. Unlike snow, hoar frost does not slide down the panels and reduces electricity output at the power plant. To resolve this problem, in winter the panels were cleaned mechanically; at present, EuroSibEnergo is designing special means for removing hoar frost.

Over 55% of equipment and components used at the Abakanskaya solar power plant have been manufactured in Russia. EuroSibEnergo has created its own innovative facilities to produce multicrystalline silicon ingots (the principal material for solar modules) in Angarsk in the Irkutsk Region and a power inverter assembly plant in Divnogorsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. EuroSibEnergo has invested about RUB 600 mln in the project to build the Abakanskaya solar power plant.

"The Abakanskaya solar power plant is EuroSibEnergo's pilot project in the sphere of solar power generation. Pilot operation of the power plant will enable us to improve and develop specialized technologies created in Russia that are efficient in the extreme continental climate characteristic of Siberia. We believe that solar power generation has a considerable potential for development in Russia, especially in isolated power systems," emphasized Vyacheslav Solomin, CEO of EuroSibEnergo.


Press service of JSC EuroSibEnergo


June 21, 2016
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