A lomographic exhibition opens in the Irkutsk airport

An exhibition entitled “Lomoportatsiya. Novaya Magistral” (“Lomoportation. A New Route”) is a project forming part of the Cultural Capital arts festival. The aim of the festival is to showcase and combine various arts, such as music, painting, theatre and design. This idea is also reflected in the lomographic exhibition “Lomoportatsiya. Novaya Magistral”. Lomography is a genre of photography that makes it possible to get unusual photographs. A photographer uses a film camera making it possible to take several shots using the same film frame. As different pictures are superimposed onto each other when the film is developed, this produces unexpected effects. The exhibition features 20 works where the first shot was taken in Saint Petersburg and the second one in Irkutsk using the same film frame. Thus, the organizers of the Cultural Capital arts festival, which is held with personal support from the Governor of the Irkutsk Region, have created a bridge between the two cities that are centers of Russian art. Lomography is very unpredictable; its underlying principles are curiosity, intuition and speed! One of the main rules is that there are no rules.

The photographic project “Lomoportatsiya. Novaya Magistral” was first presented in June 2014 in Irkutsk as part of the first Cultural Capital arts festival; in the autumn of the same year the exhibition moved on to Saint Petersburg. The exhibition at the House of Nationalities featured 22 joint works by photographers from Irkutsk and Saint Petersburg, as well as works that had not been included in the first exhibition held in Irkutsk.

The exhibition is open 24 hours a day on the second floor of the domestic terminal of the Irkutsk airport.



The Cultural Capital arts festival was initiated in 2014 by JSC EuroSibEnergo and the Baikal Totem festival center in Irkutsk. Starting from 2016, the festival is held with personal support from the Governor of the Irkutsk Region, with the regional government acting as a co-organizer of the festival. Every year, the program of the festival features original and unique art projects from Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and other cities that have never been presented in Irkutsk before. Key objectives of the festival include facilitating cultural exchange and promoting modern Russian culture in eastern regions of the country. The festival is also aimed at creating a favorable environment for developing creative initiatives, establishing partnerships and launching joint art projects.

Sergey Levchenko, Governor of the Irkutsk Region: “The Irkutsk Region has an enormous artistic potential. We should facilitate the creation of an environment conducive to initiation and development of art projects. I believe that enhancement of the status of Irkutsk as a unique historic center of Russian culture in Siberia and the Far East is a worthy goal.”

Vyacheslav Solomin, CEO of OJSC EuroSibEnergo: “Projects such as the Cultural Capital offer every citizen an opportunity to become part of a great cultural tradition of our country. This is our vision, and this is a huge and demanding task for the government. It involves creating a new and favorable environment that is stimulating and helps to make a difference.”


Press service of the festival

June 16, 2016
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