CHPP-6 of PJSC Irkutskenergo successfully implements a set of measures to reduce air pollutant emissions

Air pollutant emissions from heat generating facilities of CHPP-6 do not exceed maximum allowable emission levels approved by environmental agencies. In 2015, gross emissions were twice as low as the maximum allowable emission level.

It is worth noting that all boiler units at CHPP-6 using solid fuel are fitted with environmental equipment. Every year, measures are taken to restore the performance of ash collectors at heat generating facilities of CHPP-6; in 2015, RUB 5 mln was allocated for this purpose. Starting from 2011, heat generating facilities of CHPP-6 burn timber waste. This move to replace the main type of fuel in the fuel mix with timber waste, which is a more environmentally friendly material, has enabled a reduction in the percentage by weight of pollutant emissions from heat generating facilities. In 2015, the reduction totaled 120 tons. We would like to remind that the project to burn timber waste is aimed not only at reducing emissions from heat generating facilities but also at preventing uncontrolled storage of waste around the city of Bratsk by forest products companies and minimizing the risk of subsequent combustion of the waste that could create adverse environmental conditions, as already happened once in the autumn of 2011, when a huge forest fire broke out near Bratsk and the state of emergency was declared. Another mechanism for reducing gross emissions consists in measures forming part of the repairs program that are aimed at reducing heat losses in heating networks. From 2013 through 2015, 9,100 linear meters of heating networks were replaced; the resulting reduction in heat losses helped cut maximum allowable emissions by 24 tons during the period. Environmental conditions in Bratsk also improved considerably due to the transition to the use of clean fuel (natural gas) for heat supply to parts of the city situated on the right bank of the Angara River. In 2015, operation of two gas-fired boiler houses with a total heat generating capacity of 30 MW resulted in a reduction in gross emissions (ash, sulfur dioxide) by 60 tons.

Press service of PJSC Irkutskenergo 

April 06, 2016
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