EuroSibEnergo launches the largest solar power plant in Siberia

Ahead of the Power Engineer's Day, JSC EuroSibEnergo started full-scale operation of the largest solar power plant in Siberia: the Abakanskaya solar power plant in the city of Abakan in the Republic of Khakassia.

The order for the official launch of the Abakanskaya solar power plant was given by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev by videoconferencing from Moscow in the presence of Maxim Sokov, CEO of En+ Group. The official ceremony to mark the launch of the power plant in Abakan was attended by the CEO of JSC EuroSibEnergo Vyacheslav Solomin, the Head of the Republic of Khakassia Viktor Zimin and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Energy.

Installed capacity of the Abakanskaya solar power plant totals 5.2 MW, while its annual electricity output amounts to 6.5 GWh. The power plant is equipped with over 20,000 solar modules, and its area totals 18 ha.

The annual average number of sunny days in Abakan exceeds 310, which will help exploit solar potential to the full extent and to meet about 1/30 of the city's electricity demand using a clean renewable energy source. To produce the same amount of energy at a coal-fired CHPP, it would be necessary to burn about 3,500 tons of coal per year, which would generate greenhouse gas emissions exceeding 8,000 tons.

Over 50% of equipment and components used at the Abakanskaya solar power plant have been manufactured in Russia. In the course of the project, JSC EuroSibEnergo has created its own innovative facilities to produce multicrystalline silicon ingots (the principal material for solar modules) in Angarsk in the Irkutsk Region and a power inverter assembly plant in Divnogorsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. JSC EuroSibEnergo invested about RUB 600 mln in the project to build the Abakanskaya solar power plant.

EuroSibEnergo's project to build the Abakanskaya solar power plant ranked among the winners of a competition of investment projects to construct power generating facilities using renewable energy; the competition was held by the Russian Ministry of Energy in 2013. Implementation of the project started in late 2013.

"Development of renewable energy is one of EuroSibEnergo's strategic priorities. Almost half a century ago, the Irkutskaya, Bratskaya and Krasnoyarskaya HPPs operated by the Company became pioneers in clean energy in Siberia; today, we continue this trend by using state-of-the-art technology for energy generation. We believe that future power generation in Siberia should be based on environmentally friendly technology," commented Vyacheslav Solomin, CEO of JSC EuroSibEnergo.


Press service of JSC EuroSibEnergo

December 21, 2015
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