Launch of the first power unit 55 years ago, in 1959, marks the start of operation of CHPP-10


55 years ago, in 1959, the launch of the first power unit marked the start of operation of CHPP-10, which had been built in order to supply electricity and power to Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex and the industrial hub in Irkutsk and Cheremkhovo. In April 1962, the power plant started operating at full capacity. CHPP-10 was designed by the Leningrad department of the Teploelektroproekt Institute and was the country’s first power plant to have a modular configuration.

Today, CHPP-10 is the largest thermal power plant within the Irkutsk power system. It employs 628 people. CHPP-10 generates electricity and heat for industrial enterprises and households in Angarsk and the Irkutsk Region. Its installed electricity generating capacity totals 1,110 MW, while its installed heat generating capacity amounts to 563 GCal/h. Specialists at the power plant have developed a well thought-out plan to upgrade major equipment in order to ensure that the technical condition of CHPP-10 always meets current requirements for the energy industry. To ensure reliable operation of essential equipment, systematic inspections are conducted at the power plant, and worn-out units are replaced. 2014 saw the start of modernization of a locomotive depot at the power plant. Previously, coal used to be delivered to the power plant via a local railway by an independent contractor. Now the company has acquired its own diesel engines and is about to complete the construction of a depot, railway tracks providing access to the power plant, and refueling facilities.

Press service of OJSC Irkutskenergo

December 30, 2014
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