In the run-up to the celebration of Irkutskenergo’s 60th anniversary, the company’s branches also celebrate important milestones: the Irkutskaya HPP


In the run-up to the celebration of Irkutskenergo’s 60th anniversary, the company’s branches also celebrate important milestones. Thus, 60 years ago, in 1954, the first layer of concrete was laid forming part of the foundation of the Irkutskaya HPP, the first power plant within the Angara cascade; five years later, a government commission officially accepted the Irkutskaya HPP, and it was put into full-time operation.

The creation of a large-scale energy system in the Angara Region was made possible by a huge amount of resources in the area and the fact that the flow of the Angara River is stable during the year. In terms of energy resources, the Angara River surpasses the Volga, the Dnieper, the Don and the Kama put together. As its flow is regulated by Lake Baikal, it was possible to design and construct an efficient cascade of HPPs whose installed electricity generating capacity exceeds 9 GW and the annual electricity output exceeds 40 TWh.

The engineering design of the Irkutsk hydroelectric facilities was prepared by the team of the Moscow branch of the Gidroenergoproekt National Institute under the supervision of German Sukhanov, who is often described as the “soul” of the projects forming part of the Angara-Yenisei cascade. Construction was carried out by a special construction department, Angargesstroy. From 1953 until the moment when the hydroelectric facilities were put into operation, the construction process was supervised by Andrey Bochkin, a legendary specialist in hydropower construction. During the years of its construction and operation, the Irkutskaya HPP has become a unique school of HPP construction in Russia and provided a pool of talent for the energy industry.

The Irkutskaya HPP has an installed capacity of 662.4 MW, and its average annual electricity output totals 4.1 TWh per year. By 1983, the Irkutskaya HPP produced 100 TWh; by 2008, its total output exceeded 200 TWh; to date, the Irkutskaya HPP has generated 218 TWh.

The Irkutskaya HPP was the first HPP forming part of the Angara-Yenisei cascade; it stimulated the development of industry in Eastern Siberia. Today, specialists at the Irkutskaya HPP continue the traditions established by their predecessors, who laid the foundation of the region’s economy.

Press service of OJSC Irkutskenergo

November 27, 2014
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