Kind Energy for children


As part of the Kind Energy social project, OJSC EuroSibEnergo is to start publishing a series of books for social institutions and orphanages in the Group’s operating regions in partnership with the VostSibkniga publishing house and the Irkutsk regional branch of the Russian Children's Fund. The best books by Siberian, Russian and foreign authors will continue the time-honored traditions of education and enlightenment and will encourage readers to learn more about the world around them and love their native land. Books forming part of the Kind Light library will be designed in a similar style and aimed at children of various ages, from babies to teenagers.

An illustrated book of poems by Mikhail Trofimov entitled Where Have the Hedgehogs Hidden? aimed at the youngest readers will be the first book of the series. Genka Pyzhov, the First Citizen of Bratsk, a book by Nikolay Pechersky for pre-teens, is being prepared for publication; the book tells a story of a schoolboy from Moscow who has come to Siberia with his father to participate in the construction of the Bratskaya HPP.

Other books in the series will include The Secret of the Labyrinth of Gauss by Vyacheslav Imshenetsky, Bair’s Hidden Treasure by Leonid Krasovsky, The Crown of a Scythian King by Gleb Pakulov, A Scrap of a Letter by Vyacheslav Tychinin, Mischiefs of the Robot Yegor by Yury Samsonov, The Invincible by Alexander Laptev, Grandpa Sergey the Gladiator by Gennady Mikhasenko, Sun in a Stork’s Nest by Alexander Vampilov, You Live and Love by Valentin Rasputin, On a Long Journey by Konstantin Yanovsky, etc. Besides, there are plans to reprint foreign classics, literary works related to Siberia and Russia. The project of the Kind Light library will involve publishing two or three books per year.

Vyacheslav Solomin, CEO of OJSC EuroSibEnergo: “I am convinced that it is especially important to read the right books, those that are good and interesting, in childhood, when the spiritual and cultural foundation of a person’s character is being built. We put the idea that ‘books are the best teachers’ into practice, and our company hopes that the Kind Light library will become a wise guide and a good friend for children and will help them as they set out on an endless journey of self-improvement.”

Olga Arbatskaya, director of the VostSibkniga publishing house: “This project is unique, and it is especially relevant as we approach the year 2015, which will be the Year of Literature in Russia. Working together, we selected the best books by Siberian and Russian authors that foster high moral qualities in children and teenagers. It is wonderful that we have found people who are genuinely interested in helping children to develop and encouraging their eagerness to learn and to discover new things, and that these people assist us in putting our idea into practice. It is wonderful that big business has a potential for kindness and creativity.”

Press service of OJSC EuroSibEnergo

June 26, 2014
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