CJSC SibirEnergoTrade selects Glavmosstroy as the general contractor


Irkutsk, June 23, 2014. Glavmosstroy has won two tenders for housing construction in Irkutsk and the Irkutsk Region. CJSC SibirEnergoTrade is the customer and investor in the projects. The contract value totals about RUB 774 mln.

Following open tenders, CJSC SibirEnergoTrade signed general contractor agreements with OJSC Glavmosstroy on construction of an apartment building in Baikalskaya Street in Irkutsk and construction of single-family houses, town houses and detached houses in three villages in the Irkutsk Region.

Modern technologies and materials used by Glavmosstroy will help to make the buildings resistant to earthquakes with an intensity of up to VIII that occur in the Irkutsk Region. Besides, the housing to be constructed will be characterized by features attractive to consumers, including improved heat and noise insulation and environmental friendliness.

In Baikalskaya Street, the company will build an apartment building with a total area of 11.6 thousand sq. m consisting of a reinforced concrete frame with brick infill walls. Construction is to be completed in late 2015.

In the village of Novolisikha in the Irkutsk Region, the company will build 52 single-family residential houses, each having an area of 80 to 120 sq. m. In the village of Pivovarikha, six town houses will be built, each having an area of about 1,285 sq. m. Each of the town houses will be divided into nine apartments. Construction is to be completed in August 2015.

In the village of Patrony, the company will construct 20 detached houses with an area of 150 to 180 sq. m. Construction work in the village is expected to be completed as early as December 2014.

About SibEnergoTrade

CJSC SibirEnergoTrade ( is a subsidiary of OJSC Irkutskenergo implementing a large-scale project under the common brand name “EcoEnergoGrad”, which involves construction of comfortable suburban residential complexes “Ushakovsky”, “Parkovy”, “Dinastiya”, “Zhuravli” and “Baikalskaya Riviera” near Irkutsk. Within 10 years the company plans to build 430 sq. m of low-rise housing on lots with a total area of 306 hectares, providing housing for about 17.5 thousand people.

About Glavmosstroy

Glavmosstroy ( is one of Russia’s largest construction companies providing services to corporations and public sector organizations. It specializes in comprehensive housing development, construction of administrative buildings, commercial centers, hospitals, schools, nursery schools, parking lots and other projects in the sphere of civil engineering and residential construction. Glavmosstroy also manages a number of companies manufacturing building materials and structures for civil engineering, residential and transport infrastructure construction. Glavmosstroy was established in 1954. It forms part of the Basic Element Group.

June 23, 2014
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