The Cultural Capital festival opens in Irkutsk


The Cultural Capital festival has opened in Irkutsk. On June 5, at the main festival venue, the Modny Kvartal shopping mall, the Cardboard City (a project by Cardboardia, an independent international community of artists and performers) was opened to all comers. The opening of the exhibition by Cardboardia, which required one thousand sheets of cardboard for its preparation, a show and workshops on set and costume design marked the start of the festival program and attracted the citizens and guests of Irkutsk by their unusual nature.

The first day of the festival saw another major event take place at the Vitaly Rogal museum: artists from St. Petersburg Vladimir Shinkaryov, Viktor Tikhomirov and Andrey Usov (founders of the Mitki art group) presented an exhibition titled “Zdes i Seychas” (“Here and Now”) to the people of Irkutsk; the exhibition features paintings and drawings done by the artists in various periods of their artistic career, as well as a series of photographs taken by the photographer Andrey Usov and documenting the early years of work of the Mitki group.

On June 6 and 7, the festival program will continue at the Modny Kvartal shopping mall and will include the opening of a lomography exhibition “Lomoportatsiya. Novaya Magistral” (“Lomoportation. A New Route”), a video art exhibition “Evolyutsiya Kadra” (“Evolution of the Video Frame”) and a screening of short films “Korotkiy Metr” (“Shorts”). “Chapayev. Chapayev”, a film of a director and screenwriter Viktor Tikhomirov, will premiere in the House of Cinema.

We would like to remind that the first Cultural Capital arts festival is held with support from the administration of Irkutsk, with EuroSibEnergo, the largest private power company, acting as the general partner and co-organizer. Key objectives of the festival include enabling ongoing cultural exchange, promoting St. Petersburg’s sophisticated culture in eastern regions of the country, maintaining the status of Irkutsk as a unique historic center of Russian culture in Siberia and the Far East. The festival is also aimed at creating a favorable environment for developing creative initiatives of all generations, facilitating professional communication, establishing partnerships and launching joint art projects.

Andrey Likhachev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC Irkutskenergo: “I would like to highlight the fact that EuroSibEnergo Group, a company that essentially initiated this unique project, participates in the Cultural Capital festival as a partner. EuroSibEnergo’s business is closely linked with Siberia, with the Irkutsk Region. Moreover, our business development strategy is consistent with the key objective of the festival, which involves creating a common cultural and business space across the country. The festival provides an opportunity for a comprehensive demonstration of the richness and variety of modern culture and makes it possible to get to know each other and to understand each other better. Its large and colorful venues will be a perfect place for professional communication and exchange of knowledge and ideas for the people of Irkutsk and St. Petersburg. Besides, for Irkutsk and St. Petersburg this is a joint celebration uniting us and our history. I hope that the Cultural Capital festival will continue to bring joy to the people of Irkutsk and to surprise them every year. I am genuinely grateful to the government of the city and the region, to all organizers and participants of the festival, who help to promote a good and worthwhile cause: integration in the field of the humanities in Eastern Siberia.”

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The Cultural Capital arts festival has been organized by the Baikal XL festival center in Irkutsk, the Edelweiss learning center, the Nevsky 24 art gallery in St. Petersburg with support from the administration of Irkutsk and EuroSibEnergo, the largest private power company. The festival will be held for the first time in Irkutsk from June 5 through June 7 and will provide new opportunities for cooperation between two cities, Irkutsk and St. Petersburg, serving as a cultural bridge between them, and will make it possible to demonstrate achievements in various spheres of contemporary Russian culture: music, literature, visual arts and cinema.

June 06, 2014
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