Companies forming part of EuroSibEnergo Group hold popular science events to mark the World Water Day



Companies forming part of EuroSibEnergo Group held popular science events to mark the World Water Day; these included lectures, environmental research conferences and tours for schoolchildren.

Thus, 100 schoolchildren from Bratsk, Irkutsk and Ust-Ilimsk were given themed guided tours in turbine halls of the Bratskaya, Irkutskaya and Ust-Ilimskaya HPPs. The tours incorporated lessons in geography, biology, chemistry and history. Schoolchildren presented brief reports on the properties and structure of water, on water resources and ways of overcoming water shortage. A poetic soliloquy of the Angara River recited by Ksenia Sokolova, a student of school No. 20 of Bratsk, was a very accurate poetic reflection of concern over the way people tamper with nature, which they sometimes do in a rather uncivilized manner. Power engineers of the Bratskaya HPP, in their turn, told the children about a global program aimed at replacing rotor wheels of hydroelectric units which is implemented at the station in order to reduce water losses and improve the performance of the hydroelectric units. Power engineers also use water sparingly when addressing the needs of the power plant itself.

A children’s environmental conference in Divnogorsk on conserving the Earth’s water resources was attended by about 400 children from schools and nursery schools. The children took part in several challenging competitions: they answered quiz questions, tried their hand at journalism and drew posters. Those participating in the activities of the children’s biological research center submitted 14 research papers for the water project competition. Such events have already been held for several consecutive years with the support of the Krasnoyarskaya HPP. Young ecologists from Divnogorsk regularly visit the HPP, take samples of water from the reservoir and conduct laboratory tests under the guidance of HPP specialists responsible for environmental protection. The results of the research form the basis for children’s environmental projects. Contests enable to spot the most talented and promising schoolchildren. Many schoolchildren decide on what they will do when they grow up while they are still at school, and many of them can choose a profession in the hydropower industry and subsequently work at an HPP.

City libraries in Miass and OJSC EnSer jointly organized a training conference for students “Water Quality and Quality of Life”. As part of the conference, the 2nd stage of a municipal research contest of the same name for teenagers and young people was held. According to the organizers, they succeeded in achieving the main goal of drawing the attention of the young generation to the issues of water conservation.

As part of the “Goldfish” environmental contest held by Volgaenergo Group to mark the Water Day, a number of events were organized for schoolchildren from type 8 special school No. 107, special school No. 56 for disabled children, special boarding school No. 6 in Nizhny Novgorod. These events included a guided tour of LLC Zavodskie Seti, with the company’s senior executives telling the story of its establishment, development and prospects. The children, in their turn, presented projects aimed at improving the city’s environment.

Press service of OJSC EuroSibEnergo

March 31, 2014
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