Competition for operating personnel of HPPs starts at the training center NNOU TC Irkutskenergo on April 22

On April 22, the competition for operating personnel of the HPPs forming part of OJSC EuroSibEnergo (the Irkutskaya, Ust-Ilimskaya, Bratskaya and Krasnoyarskaya HPPs) started on April 22 at the training center NNOU TC Irkutskenergo.

The competition consists of six stages, during which the teams are to demonstrate their knowledge of technical and regulatory documents, the ability to deal with emergencies and minimize the losses, as well as to give first aid to injured people. The conditions simulated during the competition are similar to the tasks which the employees are regularly faced with at their workplaces. During the competition, composite teams should make prompt decisions (as the time is limited) and use all their physical and mental strength.

Participation in the competition enables the employees to practice these skills once again, act promptly and coordinate their efforts even under the most unexpected circumstances. Besides, the participants are given a unique opportunity to see how their colleagues from other departments work and to share their experience. Altogether this gives a new impetus to study the profession more thoroughly.

We would like to remind that a professional competition for electricity industry workers was first regularly held at heat generating facilities and later at dispatch control centers. As for the hydropower industry, an event supported by INTER RAO UES was first held only in 2002; at this event, teams of several power plants (the Krasnoyarskaya HPP, the Ust-Ilimskaya HPP, the Zeyskaya HPP and the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP) demonstrated their knowledge and skills.

The National professional competition for hydropower workers is held in order to assess and improve the skills of the operating personnel of HPPs, as well as to share the best practices and new techniques.

In May 2013, the next stage of the Competition will be held among the teams of OJSC Irkutskenergo’s TPPs.


Evgeny Fedorov, CEO of OJSC Irkutskenergo: “The competition for operating personnel of power plants is in fact a result of the entire process of employee training and a test of their skills. This event shows how proficient the specialists are and how serious the attitude to work at each branch and department is. This is not only an effective form of employee training ensuring smooth and efficient operation of power facilities, but also a friendly meeting of employees of an integrated energy company, OJSC EuroSibEnergo.”

Press service of OJSC Irkutskenergo

April 22, 2013
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