The final of the Fifth National Competition for Operating Personnel of HPPs starts in Irkutsk

On September 9, the final stage of the Fifth National Competition for Operating Personnel of HPPs started in Irkutsk. Eight teams from Russian HPPs who have won elimination rounds in the Eastern, Southern and Central Regions participate in the final. These include the branches of OAO RusHydro (the Dagestan Branch, the Kabardino-Balkarian Branch, the P.S.Neporozhny Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, the Novosibirskaya HPP, the Zhigulevskaya HPP, the Nizhegorodskaya HPP), as well as the Nizhnekamsk Branch of OAO Generating Company, and the Irkutskaya HPP of OAO Irkutskenergo.

In July, the teams of OAO RusHydro (the P.S.Neporozhny Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP and the Novosibirskaya HPP) and the team of the Irkutskaya HPP of OAO Irkutskenergo won the elimination round of the competition between the teams from Siberia and the Far East in the Eastern Region.

We would like to remind that the National professional competition for hydropower workers has been held since 2005 in order to assess and improve the skills of the operating personnel of HPPs, as well as to share the best practices in energy equipment operation and ensure safe operation of HPPs. The capabilities of computer simulators, automated knowledge testing systems and operator training systems are shown during the competition. Besides, up-to-date technical means for training, automated testing and personnel training are introduced.


Evgeny Fedorov, CEO of OAO Irkutskenergo and OAO EuroSibEnergo: “We have waited for this competition to take place in Irkutsk for almost 60 years, and we expect it to be regularly held at the Irkutskaya and other HPPs of OAO Irkutskenergo. This time, the performance of the Irkutskaya HPP in the elimination round was very good, and we ranked second in the Eastern Region. I think it is due to this fact that the final of the competition was held in Irkutsk.”

Press service of OAO Irkutskenergo
September 10, 2012
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