ZAO SibirEnergoTrade considers projects of utilities for low-rise complexes

In early summer ZAO SibirEnergoTrade (a subsidiary of OAO Irkutskenergo) intends to start designing utilities for low-rise residential complexes and suburban communities near the villages of Patrony, Novolisikha, Pivovarikha, Burdakovka. These areas are earmarked for integrated development for the purposes of housing construction in the Irkutsk area of the Irkutsk region (no less than 230,000 sq.m of low-rise housing).

The contractor responsible for conducting the feasibility study for utilities construction, OOO Irkutskenergoproekt, has presented the results of the first stage of the study. The areas are different in terms of distance from Irkutsk, environmental conditions and existing utilities.

The following designs for heat and hot water supply systems are being considered: central (areas in Pivovarikha, Novolisikha), construction of block-modular electric and gas boiler plants, use of individual heat pump units, individual electric boiler heat and hot water supply systems. It will also be possible to install solar panels and organize an open system of hot water supply.

Designs for cold water supply include central supply (areas in Pivovarikha, Novolisikha, Patrony), supply from an artesian well (all areas), water supply from the Angara river (all areas except Pivovarikha). Designs for sewerage systems include central (all areas except Burdakovka) and local sewage treatment facilities.

After considering the proposed designs and selecting the optimal solutions, ZAO SibirEnergoTrade will start designing utilities for low-rise residential complexes and suburban communities.

Press service of OAO Irkutskenergo

April 16, 2012
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