OAO EuroSibEnergo to hold a number of events aimed at environmental education of the youth before the end of March

The World Water Day is observed on March, 22. In this connection, before the end of March OAO EuroSibEnergo will hold a number of events aimed at environmental education of the youth.

On March, 23, research papers on environment (including such issues as environmental impact of the HPP and analysis of backwater and tailwater) will be presented at the Krasnoyarskaya HPP. The works of schoolchildren will be judged by a panel consisting of teachers and employees of the Krasnoyarskaya HPP. Senior, secondary and primary pupils will participate in the water project and research work contest ‘Preserve the Today’. Children’s handicrafts relating to the topic ‘Water and life’ will be displayed, a contest of handicrafts and pictures of water animals ‘Life in Water’ and a contest of posters ‘Water is a natural treasure! ’ will be held.

On March, 26, an event called ‘The Goldfish’ will take place in Nizhny Novgorod. Representatives of OOO Zavodskie Seti (manufacturers of drinking and process water in Avtozavodsky City District, included into OAO EuroSibEnergo) will visit a number of schools in the District, tell the children about water production and purification, as well as present a symbol of the event, an aquarium with pure water and a goldfish. Schoolchildren will be suggested to do a creative project on the topic ‘Water is Life’ by September, 1. At the end of summer the contest results will be announced and the winning school will make a wish to the Goldfish, i.e. the children will choose something necessary and useful for their school as a prize.

OAO Irkutskenergo is sponsoring the XVII regional training conference for schoolchildren ‘The Nature Explorer’ held by the children’s regional environmental and biological research center with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Irkutsk region and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The conference is aimed at popularizing the World Water Day, promoting a responsible attitude of the younger generation to water resources, at making children environmentally conscious and aware and at teaching them to conduct environmental research. On March, 30, representatives of the company will announce the contest results and present prizes to the winners.

Evgeniy Fedorov, CEO of OAO EuroSibEnergo: “Our company operates four major HPPs on the Angara and Yenisei rivers and controls the level of the unique Lake Baikal and reservoirs. This is why we believe that it is our duty to promote a responsible attitude to water resources and to set an example to the children.”

Reference: the World Water Day has been annually observed on March, 22 since 1993. It was established by the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly.

Press service of OAO EuroSibEnergo

March 22, 2012
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