Meeting of OAO Irkutskenergo Board of Directors in Irkutsk, April 22, 2011

OAO Irkutskenergo Board of Directors meeting on the Company’s activity took place in Irkutsk on April 22. The information on holding heating season in autumn-winter period of 2010-2011 has been taken into consideration. For Q1 of 2011 power plants of OAO Irkutskenergo produced 6.9 bln kWh which by 1.7% exceeds the plan set for this period. Production of power at HPPs totaled 12.2 bln kWh, at CHPPs — 4.7 bln kWh. Power generating equipment endured maximum capacity it was using due to winter season. Full preparation of OAO Irkutskenergo facilities to spring flooding was also pointed out by the Board of Directors.

Andrey Shishkin, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russian Federation, participated in the work of the Board.

Press service of OAO Irkutskenergo

April 22, 2011

April 22, 2011
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