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 Baikal is the world’s deepest and cleanest lake containing a quarter of the world’s fresh water supply. This lake is situated at 456 meters above sea level, and its volume equals to 23,000 cubic kilometers of water.


Throughout 25 mln. years, Angara has been annually carrying about 60,200 mln. cubic kilometers of water from Baikal to Yenisei. The lake’s annual hydroelectric potential amounts to 201 bn. kWh.


Irkutsk energy supply system takes pride in its coordinated Angara hydroelectric network. In contrast to the majority of hydroelectric power plants in the world, our power plants do not suffer from seasonal water-level variations, since Baikal’s water flow remains unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years. Consequently, Irkutskenergo is also capable of generating energy with such invariability and persistence.